Since their introduction to our collections panel in November 2009, Pastdue Credit Solutions exceeded all expectations and has consistently set the benchmark for their peers to follow.

In Pastdue Credit Solutions, we have found a supplier that not only provides consistent recoveries but also combines their collections expertise with on-going client support and administration that is second to none.

Pastdue Credit Solutions has become an integral part of our collections strategy and we look forward to receiving the benefit of their services for many years to come.

Steven Liddell, DCA Manager, BSkyB

npower have worked with Pastdue Credit since 2009 and have found them to be a highly well organised company, providing a professional first class service.

The highly trained, extremely capable and very responsive personnel continually liaise with their clients, always looking at ways to improve and maximise collections.

Collection success has grown and grown throughout the duration of the contract which in turn has resulted in greater volumes of work being passed out to Pastdue Credit.

I have always found Pastdue Credit to be an extremely responsive supplier who constantly deliver performance and who are prepared to change and improve working practises in order to deliver a better service and meet the needs of their clients.

Paul Maxwell, DCA Manager, npower

TDX Group’s success is dependent on receiving excellent service and Pastdue Credit consistently deliver in a proactive, courteous and professional manner. It is clear from their performance that Pastdue Credit also value being competitive – another reason why they have been our trusted partner since 2008.

Rob Barrett, Head of Recoveries Management, TDX Group

Having worked with a number of DCA's over the past few years, I can wholeheartedly say it has been a pleasure working with Pastdue Credit. I would highly recommend Pastdue Credit to anyone knowing that they run an extremely sophisticated and professional DCA. Over the past few years, Pastdue Credit has excelled to become a leading DCA and it is clear that the strength of relationships they maintain with clients and supplier alike is second to none.

Roger Hurst, Sales Executive, Noble Systems

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