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Privacy Notice

Pastdue Credit Solutions Ltd. values your privacy and will not sell, loan or otherwise exchange your details with third party companies for marketing purposes.

Pastdue Credit Solutions (PDCS) are a Debt Recovery Agency who work on behalf of a number of different clients. This Privacy Notice explains how we use the Personal Data which is held on our system.

Pastdue Credit Solutions are a Data Processor with regard to the Personal Data that we hold on our customers. This is due to the fact that we hold Personal Customer information and process it in line with our contractual requirements. The Data Controller in this instance would be our clients, on whose behalf we work. Should you require the contact information of the particular Data Controller who holds your data please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain this. We would require full Data Protection to be confirmed prior to being able to disclose this information to you. This would mean asking you some questions, in order to confirm who you are such as; your name, address, date of birth etc. This is to ensure that we are speaking with the correct individual and to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Who does this Privacy Notice apply to?

Any customer of Pastdue Credit Solutions.

What Personal Data could potentially be processed?

The Personal Data that we would be processing may include:

  • • Name
  • • Address (including any new or previous addresses)
  • • Date of birth

And information surrounding the matter that we are contacting you regarding.

We process the above information in order to fulfil performance of a contract and/or, in instances where we are employed by a public authority, to fulfil performance of a task carried out in the public interest.

Other information that we may process

Financial Data – this is to ensure that we have up to date information surrounding your finances to ensure that we have the best affordable repayment plan in place for you.

Vulnerability Data – this is to ensure that we deal with your account in the best possible manner and take the appropriate action for you, for example sending letters in braille.

Why are we collecting your Personal Data?

This information is collected by our client prior to this being passed over to ourselves and therefore, is as accurate as possible and in line with the information that was provided to them. We collect Personal Data to fulfil our contractual requirements with our clients. Consent may have been originally obtained within the Terms & Conditions of our client’s contract.

Where has your information been obtained from?

We could have obtained your information from a number of different sources, such as:

The information that we process has been received from our client and the reason that we are processing this is to fulfill our contractual requirements with them.

We may have also received up to date contact information from a Credit Referencing Agency.

Personal Data may have been provided by you when speaking with us.

Why do we process your information?

The reason that we process this information is to satisfy our contractual requirements with clients and fulfil our duties as a Debt Recovery Agency.

What do we use your Personal Data for?

It is important that you are aware of what we do with the Personal Data that we hold on you.

We process your Personal Data in line with performing the contract that we have in place with our client. We do this to ensure that we manage your account appropriately and contact you to resolve the issue accordingly. The Consent for this will already have been provided to our client when the terms & conditions of their contract was agreed to.

We will also process your data to comply with such legal obligations as the Financial Conduct Authority rules.

We will process your data in line with legitimate interests. This means that we will:

Keep an accurate record of our dealings with you. This ensures that we have an accurate history of your account in case of any disputes or Subject Access Requests.

We record all of our calls and monitor these accordingly to help train our staff accordingly and ensure again that we have an accurate history of your account. We will not record or store any of your credit or debit card details on our system.

We will store any correspondence received from you for a period of 30 days to ensure that we can deal with any disputes or queries that you may have.

How we use your Personal Data?

If you request information from us, or ask us to contact you, and provide us with details so that we can do this, then we may process this information for the purpose of managing your account. This is to ensure that we are providing the most detailed information when providing you with feedback on this.

  • • To provide you with a service and ensure that you gain the best possible resolution
  • • For debt collection purposes
  • • To trace customers through the use of Credit Reference Agencies
  • • To prevent money laundering and fraud
  • • To ensure that your account is updated with the appropriate history notes and that this reflects the    contact that you have made with us

If you provide us with further contact information such as an additional number or email address then we may use this to contact you.

Any updated information that we receive from you may we shared with our client.

If any personal sensitive data is disclosed to use then this may be shared with our client, if you allow us to do so. The appropriate questioning will be conducted when we are made aware of this Data to ensure that you are happy with us to do so.

Security of your Personal Data

We take privacy very seriously and will use your personal information solely for the purpose of administering your account.

At Pastdue Credit Solutions we ensure that we do the upmost to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We are ISO certified and hold a variation of certifications – 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001. This means that we are audited on an annual basis by an accredited organisation to ensure that we are fully complying with these accreditations and keeping our customers data safe. We can assure you that your information will not be disclosed to any unauthorised third parties and that all of our suppliers and clients are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Your rights under GDPR

To know why and how we are processing your personal data. We will inform you of this by means of this Privacy Notice.

To obtain details of your personal data that we are processing: please see below on how to go about this.

To get details of your personal data in specific formats: dependent on what you require, we can provide this to you by post or by electronic mail.

To have your data rectified if it is incorrect. Once notified of this we will take the appropriate steps to have this rectified accordingly. You can notify us of any incorrect data through a telephone call, Email or letter. If you believe that we should not be processing the data then you can speak with us about why you believe that the processing should be stopped or the data removed completely.

Right of access to your Personal Data

Should you wish exercise your “Right to Access” and access the data that we hold on you at any point then we would advise you to make contact with us in writing by addressing this to:

Pastdue Credit Solutions Ltd.
FAO Compliance Department
1 Blair Court
North Avenue
Clydebank Business Park
G81 2LA

Or send an email to compliance@pastduecredit.co.uk. You will receive an acknowledgement to your request within 5 working days of it being received. You can also make a request for this by contacting us via telephone and speaking to one of our Customer Service Consultants.

If you agree, we will attempt to deal with this informally for example by providing you with the specific information that you require over the telephone.


Should you wish to make a complaint to us regarding your Personal Data then we would advise you to send this to either the contact Email or address detailed above.

You also have the Right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you are unhappy with the way that we have handled your Personal Data. They are the supervisory authority who regulate the handling of Personal Data in the UK. You can contact them by using their website, phoning them on 0303 123 1113 or by post to:

Information Commissioners Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF.

We would like to assure you that none of your Personal Data or information will be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Contact Us

Our Data Protection Officer is:

Steven Buchanan
Compliance Manager
Pastdue Credit Solutions Ltd.

Email: compliance@pastduecredit.co.uk

Data Retention

Should you wish to discuss how long we retain the Personal Data that we hold on you then we would ask you to contact us either via telephone, email or letter. The reason for this is that the retention period may vary dependent on our client contracts/requirements and circumstance. We also do this to ensure that you can exercise your “Right to Access”.


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